For starters, I miss my android phone. It was such a cool phone. Good design and all. I over used it  – so it went kaput. Otherwise it was awesome-  free apps and all… , touchscreen thing too worked for me…

Secondly, Blackberry just sucks.

First of all, the BBM (for which I began using this phone to be in touch with you know who) was not a foolproof way to chat because it would be down for days sometimes.

Secondly, you needed a blackberry plan for it which was an additional cost.  Not like that was very important, but when you compare it with my poor old kaput android phone, wherein I could have used whatsapp only using vodafonelive – without an additional data plan  – the android was definitely value deal.

Thirdly, free apps in android mean – FREE in true sense – not like Blackberry appsworld where the free apps that they offered for people upto December 2011 (due to their colosal failure in October to retreive/ reboot/restart/reconnect (dont know what I should call it) – the BBM after it went down for more than 3 days continuously… The apps that they provided for free were hardly 3 or 4, most of which were really useless – including some weird game. No free utilities. And whatever free apps that you find in their appsworld just suck.

So – all in all, I miss my android phone. Android rocks!!

Well, why the sudden outburst on phones?? well – just the matter of connectivity. Having come to Jakarta, I have so far not taken a blackberry plan on my Jakarta number. I expected to travel soon to Vietnam and I thought of saving some money for my husband. I have wifi at home and I tried to latch on my blackberry to that wifi. There is a pin that the blackberry gave to me to input in the router. That thing is not working since ages. So though I have wifi at home, I cannot be on net / gtalk/whatsapp because I havent been able to input this pin into the router. Back during good old android days, I wouild be connected to net the moment I stepped at home, due to the awesomeness that was my android phone. God, it was just HTC Tattoo – the cheapest of them all – bottom range phone. Still it was packed with features, which this damned blackberry would never match with….

Of course, back home (aah, now I must say, back at my mom’s) everything rocked because of the tech support. I guess I never really truly appreciated what a pillar the ‘tech support’ has been through my technology-related ‘endeavors’. I owe a lot to the tech support as I received help all through my undergrad, postgrad and even working years. And in 80 per cent of the cases, it was on time too…

Right from mailing ppts and project reports during my student days to mailing my tax planning, retrieving an accidentally deleted files, my work related notes / documents (forwarding my cv to prospective employers) etc etc – and most recently even providing me stock quotes just few minutes before I met that particular client –  the techsupport has been unwaveringly championing my efforts to meet various sorts of deadlines, solve problems such as file being too large / password protected/ virus infected etc right upto connecting my phone to the home (er… at Mom’s) wifi net work…. to cut the long story short, yes. I admit it. Tech support has been one of the most important parts of my life and I feel a void – technologically and otherwise  – as I now realise that he was also one of my closest friends…and has generally been a very good and considerate brother too…

So tech support, I am admitting it finally. Yes, you are awesome (you may gloat now). Please know –  I really miss you.

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