Xin chào Vietnam!

(The above heading means ‘goodbye Vietnam’. If there’s any other meaning to the phrase, then its unintentional and you may send your comments / criticism to ‘Yahoo answers’ please) 🙂

Well, I COULD HAVE actually taken the pains and looked up the phrase for goodbye  – I HAVE bought a small book of Vietnamese phrases afterall… but looking how painful the language seems, I have duly handed over the book to Swapnil who will actually need it from time to time since his visits to Vietnam would be quite frequent…. anyways. On an unrelated note, the purchase of this book was a good bargain, where the seller reduced price from 950,000 Vietnamese Dong to I think ~ 200,000 VD. In conclusion, (of this unrelated note) Indian tourists will enjoy shopping in Hanoi, where bargaining rules.

There are just too many things that I wanted to write about my time in Hanoi. I have spent about 2 weeks here. But I have to wait for Swapnil to come to the hotel so that I can surf. But then he always has some carry over work and I dont want to intrude. I had the option to update this blog daily from the business center of the hotel. But the laptops are in reception area and the staff begins to hover around the table if you sit longer than 15 minutes. Writing has been one of my favorite things to do and I stop thinking at all if someone keeps hovering nearby. Another reason why I have been avoiding updates is the photos. You see, our camera has been nicked off (or we have lost it). We dont remember at all 😦 :(. There were so many pictures that I had taken… 😦 besides, that also means there wouldnt be pictures from Jakarta too for some time, till we replace (if the ‘New Sponsors/Management’ decide/s to) the camera….

There wont be any pictures from Manila too… which is our next destination. Tonight we fly to Philippines, again on business trip.

We will be for around 4 – 5 days in Manila and again I will be spending my days in a hotel watching Star World. Gosh!! I have watched so much of television in last few weeks that the total hours I spent in watching TV ever since I came abroad would probably exceed the total amount of tv I have watched in my entire life before getting married….  now I am an ardent fan of American Idol  – season 11, all the programs of TLC channel, How I met your mother and cartoon network. I am blabbering. Like usual. I am sure that if techsupport and my former sponsors/management are reading this blog, they will probably feel like I am sitting with them and chatting… or for that matter – my mahilamandal. I miss the gals too.

So, goodbye Hanoi, goodbye Vietnam….

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