Back Home Finally

We’re back home finally after almost 3 weeks. We landed at Jakarta today, early in the morning and reached home by ~ 2 am ish. It was nice to be home finally. I have lived in my Jakarta house for only 2 weeks I guess – but for some weird reason, I had already begun missing this house since last 4 – 5 days. Whether it was due to how safe I felt living in this area or due to the fact that I had all three rooms to roam about (instead of the single hotel room that I was confined to these last 3 weeks) I am not sure… but sure it felt like home when I stepped in.

The trip was entirely business trip – so we did not travel much. Rather, except a one day trip to Tam Coc, we havent travelled at all. So I dont bring with me, the memories of sites and scenes of natural beauty that a typical traveller would. (Whatever memories of Tam coc I had – are now with person who stole our camera) But within these 3 weeks, as someone who hadnt really ventured outside her comfort zone till last month, I had too many things to note  – the daily lives of people around me, especially in Hanoi, where I spent almost 2 weeks – dividing my time between trips to nearby lake, watching TLC and Star World in the Hotel and thinking and worrying about what we were gonna eat for the day…
Okay, it was not just those things, I also had lots to observe whenever I was roaming around these streets. After my camera got stolen, I took some pics on my blackberry phone for the remaining days that we were in Hanoi. While I am of course gonna crib about the picture quality everytime I upload such a photo, I am glad I actually do have some pics. Hanoi is a lovely place. Lovely weather and a lifestyle so different than what I led before my marriage….

In Manila, I havent taken a single picture. We were staying in CBD area and though there were some interesting things that I observed, the place was as cosmopolitan as say Mumbai. Besides the business center area was always full all the time, it being CBD, most of the guests were there for work and I hardly got any chance to update the blog from Manila. Still, Manila too is interesting in some respects and I hope to find time to update something about it.

2 thoughts on “Back Home Finally

  1. Hi, I think you are enjoying this job more than your job in mumbai; Observing surrounding and writing about it..keep it up.. ek diwashi author banshil asa andaj aahe maza..

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