My Blogging Career Part 1

 I am not sure whether I should call it a career or not. For the present lack of my ability to come up with a better word, let it be that.

It was 1 am. Swapnil was totally absorbed into an intense slumber and I for some reason had been counting sheep for a long time. I suddenly recalled that I had several blogs before this one and went about checking whether those webpages were still active. I would eventually wish to archive all these blogs, but just felt it would be interesting to compare. The whole process of comparing itself made me a better person.

Here’s why…

(If you dont have ‘the means or inclination’ to read such a lengthy post, please check conclusion section in the end 😉


Name: Too cheesy to admit. So not putting it online

Link: Due to above, wont put here

Year – 2001 – 02

Random post:Dated Between November 2001 and February 2002


Are you really the one I know? Am I really the one you know? Least Likely!!!! Cuz you and I — both are wearing a mask!!!!! To make world appear we’re someone, who we’re really not…. We wear a mask of happiness when we’re sad..we wear a mask of sorrow even though we really can’t feel it. We wear a mask of cold and icy behaviour sometimes, sometimes we make ourself friendly with people we never would have imagined…. And why do we do so? Well…many reasons…. To please some people avoid hurting hurt some people…sometimes just like that for fun. Sometimes to keep some secrets and mysteries,joys and sorrows by ourselves. Many masks, many motives!!!! ‘Why should we wear a mask’ is one question and ‘why should’nt we’ is the another. Cuz world in general hasn’t got anything to do with our feelings…. Sometimes, we say we ‘act’ because we can’t make out what others might think of our actions, words..!! But then if all of us wear masks, we can never know what others think of us, cuz we’ll never show them ‘real’ us and we’ll never know ‘real’ them.

Head’n heart
Work with common-sense! thats what everybody says… What’s
there to wonder… but still i can’t help about thinking of it. Yes, using logic
is the rule of the world; any decision has to be based on facts, evidence and
realistic approach…i know! still I wonder what about heart??? what if its
contradicting with any decision based on analytics? You’ll be happy that you
have taken most probable and logical decision, but in your heart you’ll know
that you are not very happy…that’s because you’ve not listened to your heart.
Yes, most will agree, adding that a decision has to be based on a consensus of
brains and heart! very easy to preach than to practice!!! Anywez, I don’t want
to ponder over it for better part because I know I’m never sad. I ALWAYS listen
to my heart. And I’m ready to pay for consequences….


I was attending my QT lecture the other day when our prof told us that we hav to b more focused. Now what the deuce that means…more of hard work, eh? well, he sed don’t work hard, work smart!! good quote that!But what’s smart???? n’ywez, I just remembered it cuz of’nother thing he sed…he sed, even an entry in a good bschool wasn’t enough for a promising career.First few get selected and then to get the rest placed somewhere, the placement cell has to literally beg at times. But employers say that if previous 40 companies hav rejected them,they’re definitely useless……..whoa! got kinda scared that day. My career aspirations were practically based on an entry into JB or NM; but got to know that placement at NM was about 3% …. So what shud we exactly do to make everything perfect? climb everest? Well, this is our last semester and soon we’ll be open to the reality bites!!! infact we’re already experiencing them. All sort of serious discussions find their way these dez… what shall we do after the grads? go for PGs or look for a job? where will we be after say 5 yrs? everyone hopes to achieve what they aspire; but everyone has now realised that life literally sucks… Well, last 19th, we’d had a seminar.. the last of our academic yrs at our kolej. And I was discussing with the rest if we’ll ever keep in touch, when prachitu said that we won’t. I was kinda miserable at her reply; I came home and talked about it to momee. She sed,she’d lost contact with all the 4 friends of her group within an year of passing out. Yeah, she’s right, we alwez meet new and interesting ppl.Still, its nice to stay in an imaginary world. My group and I hav dreamed together of many things… In our dream for each of our friends, we hav reserved place for all of us.. Deepu and I could talk and imagine endlessly abt future…I just hope all dreams come true…AMEN!!!


  1. 10 saal pehle, Pradnya was philosophical… aaj bhi hain aur kall bhi rahegi!
  2. I shouldnt be mean to my younger college going cousins and correct their language on Facebook by responding to their statuses with correct spelling in ALL CAPS and thereby embarassing them in front of their friends. I too used words like cuz,mebbe, Kolej etc once upon a time. Arrrgh. I hope those cousins never discover this blog..
  3. My ex-boss and I have something in common – habit of putting multiple interorgation and exclamation marks. I need to forgive him for feeling insulted and angry on receiving emails containing the above mentioned punctuation marks in abundance!!!!! In fact I seem to have an additional ‘trait’ of taking long “…….” pauses.
  4. I was and still am presumptuous to  think that the readers will endure so much of verbal torture. (Kal bhi rahungi)
  5. My concept of what happens when ‘Life literally sucks’ has undergone a dramatic change.
  6. Whatever my undergrad friends and I dreamt of doing together never happened. I am not in touch with one of the persons I have mentioned there… but fortunately, with the rest 4, I am still in touch.
  7. Finally, it feels so nice to realise that I have actually achieved 1 thing that I had planned for future. Get into NMIMS. Though now I realise that my aim wasnt that high. It was reasonable. I didnt have disillusions about myself. Its not like if I had aimed for IIMs I’d actually have gotten into them.

Contd….. (here these dots are necessary)

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