My Blogging Career Part 2

Second in the installment of my 5 part series….(yes, I had 4 other blogs before starting to write here. Actually, 4 that I can recall)

Like my previous post, If you dont have ‘the means or inclination’ to read such a lengthy post, please check conclusion section in the end 🙂



Name: Life is a roller coaster, just gotta ride it…!


Year: 2002 Feb onwards upto March 2003

Random Post: Very difficult to select random post since I updated this blog quite regularly and back then I would mention full names of other people, which might get me into trouble after all these years 😉 I have random posts for you.


Absurdities (Contd….)

Hmmm…here’s another ‘set’ of absurdities; rather I should call them Jackasses V 1.1 or something. Cause they are advanced kinda absurdities.

  1. Pakistani Custom officers arrested fishermen from Porbandar and whacked them and tortured them to avenge Pakistan’s defeat against India. Every blow was made swearing something at Sachin and Sehwag! A news channel had made a report on it. The customs released those people. But they were badly beaten up. What a sick mentality! Cricket is a ‘game’; but here in subcontinent, it has become more of a prestige issue. Infact in this case I’ll call it a mental disorder. This craze! Cricket has become more of a glamorous facet of everybody’s lives. Criketers here enjoy larger than life status. And people dream of making career in Cricket and earning those big bucks! I had read somewhere that the dutch and canadian players play cricket as hobby. Most of them are qualified professionals belonging to varying fields like medicine, engineering, banking etc. In their case overall attitude is totally different. They play for sheer pleasure of the sport.

  2. Finance wizard of India, ‘Hon.’ Mr Jaswant Singh has exempted Indian cricket team from taxes for winning the matches in the qualifying round. Now assuming that the ministry of finance works for growth and development of Indian economy, I can’t understand how this move will contribute to that noble cause…maybe, I’m dumb when it come to such complicated matters… but what I understand is that such a move really demeans hard earned money of an average Indian.

  3. A famous fairness cream’s ad was banned recently as it degraded women, especially the darkskinned. Tell me one thing people, if AC black apple or whatever it is can be accepted then why not this one?? The liquor ad tries to give solace to some despos and fairness cream ad tries to give solace to the plain Jane group. On that aspect both seem to be doing some social work. 

  4. Today’s city-edition of a national daily has an article by a famous socialite, arguing for Mandira Bedi. She implies that Bedi brings a certain feminine aura to those boring cricket discussions. Well, if anybody was to go by Bedi’s witty statements, I’m sure, they’ll get a wrong impression about Indian women. Bedi apparently has made female population tune into set max. I think that’s debatable. She might have made males who know nothing of cricket tune into set max. Sandhya Mridul and Maria Goretti are also there to act as glam dolls. And I think they do their job very well, with grace. Bedi was refered in that article as a buxom beauty. If that’s the right interpretation of her ‘dynamic’ appearance, I seriously need to improve my vocabulary. In fact, I feel the socialite who has written this article can bring that aura vagaira in a far better way.



Saturday’s win was absolutely smacking! Not because it was against Pakistan, but because the visual treat that Sachin gave us…. Sachin himself described this as his most important innings…it not only gave us victory, but also boosted confidence of our players. Off course like any other Indo-Pak match, this one was also full of sledging and all masala: Verbal abuse was a given, at one point, a pak fielder sweared at the Umpire. All the people here in subcontinent would have understood it; fortunately, the umpire couldn’t! On the other hand, one saw Dada, the ‘asli bengal tiger’ clutching his locket and praying like a crazy while yuvraj and dravid were playing. It seems, this last minute precaution helped India definitely. In the spectators, some people were praying Allah/ doing Namaz for same reason, but Dada’s prayers were more intense. In India, Balasaheb Thakre had apparently appealed to lord Shiva (It being Mahashivratri here) for the Indian Victory. And off course the Lord yielded to such a high profile prayer. But there were just a few wise Indians like him. Most of the Indians forgot lord Shiva and spent entire day in front of televisions watching the demi-gods into action. Streets were empty, shops were closed; it appeared like a black-out or something around 8.00 pm,yes, to most of the Indians and Pakistanis, it was a war-time, on the playground! There’s a Shiva temple near my home and people literally queued at 11.00 pm to take darshana. Through out the day, the place was deserted. Jubilations that followed the Indian victory included fireworks, the bands, liquor etc. Ice cream shop in our area got sold out at 11.45 in the night. Something which it had never faced throughout 7-8 years of its operations. There were ‘Maha-Aartis’ dedicated to Sachin, perhaps conducted by same people who had burned his posters 2-3 weeks ago. WHOA!!! people ARE crazy!!!!



  1. I really have no idea why I thought my life was a roller – coaster ride back then! If like in the movies, I could go back in time and meet my past self, I’d have told her – ‘yeh to bass trailer hain, picture abhi baaki hain meri dost! You’re practically picnicking!’

  2. On this blog, I have used lots of jargons, phrases etc. I was preparing for management entrance exams and the wordlist is the only thing that really interested me frankly. 🙂 That explains it.

  3. I must have watched 80% of cricket I have ever watched during 2002 – 2003. The world cup. Yes. That was the pinnacle of my interest in cricket. Not that I wont watch an interesting match anymore. But yes, I will prefer something like How I met your Mother or Big Bang Theory over cricket nowadays. In that blog, more than half of my posts must have mentioned ‘cricket’ atleast once.

  4. I seem to have come a long way from the socially aware person that I was… I am not exactly proud of this.Though my social awareness at that point of time again can be attributed to the management entrance exam that I was preparing for… 🙂

  5. I still dont like Mandira Bedi and if it isnt embarassing enough that I have commented on her looks, I have admitted to liking Sandhya Mridul and Maria Goretti. Seriously I dont even remember how they looked like and spoke… 🙂
  6. This was my first serious attempt at blogging (though as per an entry in that blog, it was my 4th blog!!!). I changed its template several times and eventually had written code for my own template. I tried to learn basic HTML for that! I was really interested it seems. Though as the age has progressed, my interest and aptitude for all tech things seems to have vanished. Anyways, it wasnt a great design, but was functional. Archiving was random. Whenever I felt like :). If anyone checks it now, the fonts and pictures all seem to have gone. The page is actually on the verge of dying.

  7. I think the comments from total strangers (only a couple of my friends were aware of this blog and they never commented online, and am mostly sure, they hardly checked) is what actually prompted me to keep going. Some of these strangers (who commented on my blog btw) are now public personalities! I follow them on twitter, but I dont think they remember me…I didnt keep in touch later…Those comments are not there now as the widget seems to have undergone changes.

    I need to archive this blog somewhere. While most of it IS nonsense, it is sometimes nice to remember those times…

2 thoughts on “My Blogging Career Part 2

  1. Can’t believe you were so immature back then! (I am not entirely sure that you are mature still but…) I never thought you had that attitude towards fairness creams etc and no you giving management exams cannot be a ground to qualify such idiotic statements!

    • Dear V (In your case, the name ends with V),
      Yes, I was immature back then! Yes, I still am immature. Who’s talking anything about blaming it on the management entrance exams?
      I plead guilty. I never said I wrote sensible things and made responsible comments. That was my blog. I could say anything that I wanted. This too is my blog and I can say anything that I want – I have never claimed to write sensible things all the time (or any time for that matter). Hope this clarifies…

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