Mildly irritated rant

Its 8 in the am and I am sitting as usual in my balcony like I sit every morning around this time. Only I am not so happy about it. I mean its Sunday . I have nothing in particular to look forward to today, no plans of early morning picnicking, no guests coming by and definitely nothing exciting to catch on the TV . No skype calls scheduled with the family either…but I have been up since 6 am having slept well past 1 am. Its Sunday for God’s sake! I  am NOT a morning person and if I get up usually by 7 am on weekdays, its mainly because the husband has to leave for work on time.

Of course 7 am is not early  – yeah, don’t you point it out, I KNOW that. Though there were of course times when I woke up and didn’t regret watching the morning ‘unfold’ and everything. Chill in the air, the ‘morningy’ wettish smell of monsoons or dryish smell of the fall and winter (whatever little bit of winter that I experienced in Mumbai). Anyhow, I have little patience right now to ponder on that. As I look down, the early birds that most of these guys in Indonesia, are already out with their children on podium swimming / playing with them. A couple bonding over changing a baby’s diaper on one bench here, an Octogenarian on a wheelchair getting his knuckles massaged near the tennis court where already a group  is playing tennis since almost an hour now, random daddies forcefully throwing their toddlers / 3-4 year olds in the kiddie-pool and kids all screaming. Some women/nannies out with babies in prams and the food bowl and spoons in hand are chatting in a corner ignoring the babies that are trying to set themselves free and in process about to fall out of those prams. Some children going helter and skelter on the podium running without no particular reason and joggers and health freaks trying to make their way through these kids while trying not to lose their tempo…

All this world on podium seems quite oblivious to the loud noise across the street. The music  with conversation in between that has been playing for last almost 2.5 hours. Some  sort of exhibition / camp is going on there with neat tent-canopies and all erected. But the noise has been atrocious. I woke up to the tune of Gangnam style remix at like 5.45 in the morning. Of course it wasnt dark at all. This is JAKARTA. It gets bright very early. I mean whenever I woke up, its always been bright. Even at 5.45 am. So I am not really aware when the dawn breaks. Anyhow, I am digressing again. So as you know NOW that the cause of my being up so early is this blaring loudspeaker which is belting out various songs (actually the remixes which are more atrocious that the original songs). When they are not playing songs, they’re having these long conversations full of exclamations. So far I am at disadvantage, not being able to understand much of what they are saying. Mind you, I have nothing against Gangnam Style or its remix. In fact its rage here and I secretly am planning to be a part of flash mob if any that wants to perform it in Jakarta. It is a general method of sales promotion that I have seen in Jakarta and even Yogyakarta. Lot of dialogue based promotion peppered with Jokes and exclamations etc. I guess it would be quite interesting if I understood bahasa Indonesia that well. With all those oohs, aaaaahs, naaaaaaahs etc. Guess that will take a while. Nevertheless, I guess I wont be really able to enjoy such ‘thrust-upon’ communications unless I finally give up my love for sleep and join the early birds. They seem totally unperturbed. I mean, even babies arent really crying and all. Thats quite extraordinary. I have been cribbing for last couple hours…

Back home when they would play loud devotional songs during Ganpati, Navratri or Sai baba pujas etc, the thought of committing a sin by calling those organisers vile never held me back from cursing them, losing my temper and being sour throughout the day. I never imagined that something worse will ever befall me.

(ETA – The description of my podium was what I saw around like 6-6.30 am. By the time it was 8 am, actually people began leaving the podium except for the tennis group who’s still going at it…)

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