Khas Bali – Day#3


Yet another verbose post….

is not on my mind today. Thats what we even did on day #3 at Bali. Mindless lounging within the resort and just a short walk about Nusa Dua beach.P1020254-001

For some reason Swapnil kept on thinking that our flight to Jakarta was at 8.30 pm (when in fact it was at 10.30 pm). I of course hadnt seen the tickets myself. So we planned a departure from Nusa Dua by 6.00 pm evening and that meant foregoing any tour / site seeing. We decided to take it easy on our last day. Engaged in some water sports  – Jet Ski, parasailing, snorkelling etc. After a lazy lunch at a small joint on the beach, we returned, checked out and were lounging about within the hotel premises. Bali is known for its hospitality and we were not disappointed. They allowed us to stay late, even after we discovered that our flight was in fact at 10.30!!

We took a break from net surfing(Swapnil took a break actually, I wasnt carrying Laptop) to catch sunset on the beach in the evening. Spread out ourselves on two of those comfortable deckchairs and took in the spectacle. Peace and quiet. Calm waters, light breeze, saw dazzling orange, pink and red slowly mute into purple and violet hues and eventually getting washed up in black. On the horizon, a well-lit sail shined steadily through all this. Both of us were silently watching. I was recalling all that we did on this trip. He might be doing the same. Probably Bali IS over rated – as he kept on mentioning to me all the time. But to me, this was a place worth visting. Maybe because I had this ‘idea’ of Bali in my mind for quite some time now, having read books and heard various accounts. I really thanked my luck that he’d settled for a trip to Bali which he had earlier promised me he’d avoid if given an option. 😉

I would visit Bali again. For its nature – which while not outworldly, sure seems pristine in comparison to the other places I’ve been (okay, Jogja is an exception), for its hospitality, for the ease with which we found vegetarian food (that is a point that only vegetarians will be able to appreciate) , for the fact that it helped us unwind within just 2 days and lastly, for its art and culture (which remained unexplored this time).

Ashi hi satha uttaranchi kahani pacha uttari suphal purna 😉

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