One moment of pause


I hope the creativity bug that’s bitten me doesnt remain a nine days wonder. Today, as a day#2 challenge, I have written a poem.

Now I have a little knack for writing poems – or so I’d like to think. On my other blog, I have uploaded a few of my poems. While I havent really kept at it or taken serious interest in it, I have had bouts of writing poems now and then.So if there was to be a creative challenge on poems, there had to be a twist to it…that’s what I concluded after I wrote a poem. In Marathi, my mother tongue. It isn’t a great poem, but then, I have written after so many years practically and since this was goal based, I made a purposeful attempt of writing a poem, which obviously doesn’t happen in the normal course of writing poems. I guess most of my work on this creativity project WILL be like this – not exactly ‘created’ out of natural spurt, but goal / challenge oriented. It is intended to be so, intended to stretch my limits, though I might not always be proud of my work. Anyways, I digress, as usual.

Coming to the twist, I decided to write exact same poem with exact same meaning in English. I thought that was interesting enough. I am not a very talented poet and my range of words remains strictly colloquial…in Marathi as well as English. I have never attempted to improve it, but at times I feel ashamed of it… anyhow, here goes.. the first version, in Marathi

एक शांत क्षण

या साऱ्या कोलाहालाचा फक्त ‘समय’ एकटाच ‘गवाह’ आहे,                                              ‘Technology’  च्या महापुरात बुडाला जनप्रवाह आहे.                                                                   ‘T.V’ च्या त्या अखंड भट्टीत संस्कारांची वानवा आहे,                                                                     अन ‘internet’ च्या मायाजालाचा मोह हर मानवा आहे.                                                      घरच्यांपेक्षा ‘Facebook – friends’ शी बोलणाऱ्यांची वाहवा आहे,                                                आणि सदैव ‘messengers’ वर ‘chat’  करणारा आजचा जमाना नवा आहे.                                       या साऱ्या जंजाळात हरवला माणुसकी चा गारवा आहे,                                                                   अन ५००+ ‘FB friends’ असले तरी एकटेपणा जीवा आहे.                                                              या प्रचंड कल्लोळातून एक तरी शांत क्षण हवा आहे,                                                          आपसांतल्या उदासीनतेवर तीच एक ‘दवा’ आहे.

and now, for the English version of the same…

One moment of pause

Time immortal is the sole witness
Of an entire generation drowned,
In this vast ocean of technology-noise
Upon which we’ve always fawned.

What the constant blare of TV is worth,
If values are looked down?
I’m sure the internet obsession of mortals
Makes even the almighty frown.

Gen-Z that prefers FB friends to the kin
Is a loser generation for sure,
And for obsessive chatting on all messengers
There seems no possible cure.

In all this chaos I hardly wonder
That we’ve lost personal touch,
And despite thousands of Facebook friends
Heart stays lonely very much.

My poetic heart tells me – we need
Only one moment of pause,
To reflect and recollect ourselves
To correct this huge faux pas.

There I completed my day#2 of creativity challenge. I don’t intend to only blog about this challenge this month, I will attempt to chronicle my trips too.

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