All new and improved


It is done! The creative activity for the day I mean…

My blog’s new header. Yes, making a header is not comparable with writing a skit I agree, it is something that requires you to think and create though. For my current creativity project, that is the only criteria. Also, its not a random image at all. It is a collage of handful of those images that I loved out of my ‘life and time’ in the east.

I expect to be busy for next 3 – 4 days and hence now must think about similar activities, which will consume lesser amount of time. Though they will be making me think nevertheless. Adios and good night…

5 thoughts on “All new and improved

  1. You know, this post is linked to your post yesterday/day before in a way. It is called CHEATING!!!!

    No this does not count as creativity. Tomorrow you will say you changed, the color of some text from black to blue and call it creativity! This is altering the definition of the term to suit your needs!

    • To each, his own. For me, this definitely involved what is a part of creative thought process:
      a) Creating something that did not exist before – a collage and banner
      b) A thought process / flow in order to create this – selection of photos out of almost 2000 photos – why am I selecting each of them (not exactly just because I like them), editing them – deciding if they needed to be edited and in what manner, arranging them in a particular manner.

      Probably I am implying creativity in its crudest sense. You can check my sticky page for my version of creativity in case of this project.
      I dont think changing a font can be compared to this activity. Nevertheless, I appreciate that there can be difference of opinion.

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