Hujan hari ini…

English: rain

English: rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sekarang Hujan besar!

Aku tidak bisa lihat gedung depan rumah saya.

Hujan sangat besar…balkon saya banjir….

Mendung banyak…ada kilat…angin suara…..ohh… ini badai…takut aku!!

Aku tunggu di rumah aku untuk suami aku…

Semua orang kembali dari Kantor, tapi terlambat mereka, karena macet..

Ohh, mau makan gorengan….selalu waktunya hujan….

Atau teh jahe wangi….

Benar, makan gorengan dengan teh jahe wangi 🙂 🙂

Lebih, makanan dan minuman sekarang. Sampai nanti….

Thats my exercise for the day. A short note in Bahasa Indonesia. It is a creative challenge enough…without being time consuming. I am already learning this language, but I need a lot of practise. Today, I decided to write ten lines in Bahasa Indonesia. Of course, most of the weather – related words I had to double check with my maid who had come in the afternoon, and with some of my friends on the group chat – but it was a great exercise, because ten relevant (to each other) sentences have emerged, which are not concerned with buying, bargaining or asking for directions… which are my only occassions of speaking Bahasa Indonesia….

I had made a couple of local friends…but unfortunately both had to move out of Jakarta… and the rest of Indonesian friends are my husband’s who always speak to me in English…any hoo… time to sign off….

Selamat sore….sampai jumpa….

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