Creativity is a function of happiness…

I have to say that creativity in my case, is a function of happiness. The motivation to write anything now is very low. Past 3 days have not only been very busy, but the outcome that these days led to wasn’t the one that I was expecting. I am disappointed. Low. Some sort of inertia has now settled in. Which is why I did not carry out the activity that I actually had planned for the day. I did however end up tutoring a kid.

I started the day with Bahasa Indonesia lesson at Swapnil’s work place. It commenced today, and will go on for another ten days. We got to learn a variety of words, phrases, information about Indonesia in general, which was good. Also a new activity obviously…

 As I returned from there, a friend messeged to know if she can send her son over so that I can teach him few tricks that I know…I thought it was a better diversion from the constant self – criticism and analysis that I’ve been doing since yesterday. Anyhow, at least the kid was entertained.

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