The weekend before the last, I had attended a photography workshop. One of the trainers mentioned that he felt compelled to capture the beautiful nature whenever he would travel. That, the photography (and the photograph) was intended to capture special, beautiful and unforgettable moments. I have possibly heard this (or lines with the similar meaning) innumerable times. I heartily agreed with this statement yet again. What is there not to agree? It’s the whole and absolute truth I felt. As soon as the session got over, I logged on to my instagram account, as if on autopilot. These days, I am wont to check instagram now and then – during those in-between periods, when I am waiting for the next task / activity/thing and tend to fidget with my phone.  What I came across however instead of the unforgettable moments were selfies of all sorts. People posting photos of themselves at every location they went. This suddenly put things in perspective for me. Nowadays, the world at large seems to be capturing only themselves in the photos. Should I conclude that they no longer feel anything else/anyone else to be special / beautiful/ unforgettable enough? This story of modern day Narcissus and this made me even more convinced that slowly, the megalomania seems to be creeping in 🙂 . Selfie got inserted in the Oxford English Dictionary – but possibly that’s not exactly a reason to applaud.

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