Oh starry night!


Yesterday night, we were pleasantly greeted by the mild sweet fragrance that floated into our drawing room. It was Bunga Malam- the night flower (do not know English name or even Indian name for this, though I have seen this in India as well). These flowers bloom only at night and by morning, their petals fall.  They’re very delicate. Their fragrance too is very delicate. Swapnil sometimes can’t even sense it…but yesterday, the fragrance got stronger and stronger and eventually filled our whole drawing room (its not that big you see). Rainy season, cool breeze and lovely fragrance. It suddenly felt like a beautiful night despite horrid day at work followed by elaborate meal preparation for dinner that had gotten me tired. I peeped into balcony. No wonder the fragrance had spread everywhere. It wasn’t just one or two tiny flowers. Whole plant was blooming. Those tiny flowers shone like tiny lights, tiny stars to me and I felt like pausing the time and filling my lungs with this pure and beautiful scent. Oh, thank you Nature, for so much beauty. It was as if you knew exactly what would have cheered me ….to me, nature is a name of God and such pleasures now and then make me realize how God makes His presence known in all forms….

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