Play-Doh Saurus



Dear Play-Doh-saurus,

You are tiny but mighty 3.4 years old with all your willfulness and individuality. You made up your own name in a flash of inspiration from an empty play-doh box and of course, Play-Doh Saurus you are. You definitely are. I have lost the count when we have made instant play-doh at home. Your dad has lost the count of times he bought you play-doh. You definitely love mixing things…textures… colors…exploring new textures sensorily. You love play-doh, kinetic sand, homemade dough, soil from pots, salt and what have you.

In a rare exception, you didn’t want to touch the earthworm because it was slithering in a puddle, though you tried hard to touch a snail and were frustrated that it went inside its house. You are curious about our home-pets (home insects rather)- the ants, you have a love-hate relationship with. Sometimes you follow them to see where they are going and sometimes you want to crush them because they might want to eat your meal. Lizards, a staple in Indonesian housing – you love. You always compare their calls to each other with me calling you. That makes me feel super awesome! ok. I am kidding. I hope by the time you are of age to be able to read this – you will realize how disgusting this is…. you hate errant houseflies but wanted to collect cockroaches and take them home one day.

You love singing. you want to sing nursery rhymes with pretend mike in hand. You need to be sung to so that you can sleep but a lot many times these days it is counterproductive because you join the singing ๐Ÿ™‚ย  you hate going to podium. I have to push you outdoors, but once you go there you love playing on the slides. At home you keep climbing on things – on me too and yet you are a cautious wise pre-schooler. I think you do balance out. You’re not a daredevil. Nor are you timid. You do run like there’s no tomorrow, but always turn around and look for me in a while. I think that’s cute. Though when you know I am really close by, you don’t prefer to look where you are going and ram into things, people and what not. You love tug of war, somersaults, chasing and your cars. Your red car is like your sibling. Just yesterday you called your yellow car your baby too and asked me to ‘gendong’ (Indonesian) = hold the baby. You also love pretend -plays, pretend-talking on the phone, pretend shopping and pretend doctors.

You were not much into soft toys so far but a Diwali visit to meet aย  newborn had you reformed. You made your tiny Ele (elephant) your baby and began microwaving it – to keep it warm. Later you kept her in the refrigerator to counter the heat. I was touched when you started calling your small kiwi bird baba when the real baba had gone one business trip. You took it everywhere, fed it meals and even slept with it. When your real baba returned you were excited and even slept on the big trampoline (baba’s tummy) but you never cried when he was away. That reminds me. You call your dad’s tummy big trampoline and mine, the little trampoline! I guess you do have a point there. You want to convey in cute creative words, the need for us to work out!

You have a 3-year-old mind of your own. You value your possessions. A bit too much sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ but I hope you soon will learn to share. You are beginning to notice other kids and wishing to play with them. Your sense of fashion is much ahead of mine. This I concluded almost a year back when you matched white shoes with white design on your orange shirt and requested to wear eyeglasses :-). You have maintained this interest. You hate long sleeves and formal shirts. You hate collars, long pants, and non-cotton fabric. I feel this is cute as well as precocious you know.

You get mad when people make incorrect pronunciations! something that you seem to have inherited from me ;p you began crying while correcting the pronunciation of your friend Y’s original Mandarin name. You call languages ‘talking’. You ask me to play ‘shopping’ in ‘English talking’. You asked me this Saturday – “what talking is going to be there at the birthday party aai? English talking, Bahasa talking, Marathi talking, Hindi Talking or Mandarin Talking?”,ย  though you only understand Bahasa and Marathi talking mostly ๐Ÿ™‚

You observe more than you talk and one day suddenly spill out words of wisdom ๐Ÿ™‚ just the other day, you asked me to draw an angry tyrannosaurus (‘ANGRY’) and called it Baba. You asked me to draw a pterodactyl and called it aai. How did you even know these names? or even remember them? That’s when you called yourselves a ‘play-doh-saurus’! You love reading. Mainly car stories. But you are also enjoying stories about insects, germs, and cats. You are a cat person! (We are dog people … so we tried to make you come to the other side. It didn’t work.)

You love love love colors! coloring, drawing. You seem to be engrossed while coloring. You talk in terms of colors. The water bottle is always the red water bottle. Aai-purse is always yellow aai-purse and so on.

Most of all you love me a lot. You used to hate kisses and hugs till you turned 18 months and from then on you have never looked back. You are big on hugs and kissesย  – but only with me. Not with baba, not with tante, not with anyone else. That makes me feel so special ๐Ÿ™‚ You still have great separation anxiety and still we go together to relieve both ourselves … but I hope you will outgrow this soon.

There are lot many things I want to write but I’ll just sum it up saying you are an awesome kid and I love you to the moon and back ( though you never loved that story).

(Inspired by a post I saw on my friend Rekha’s blog)

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