Rains, English Vinglish and Shah Rukh Khan

The weather’s changed here. October to March marks the wet season and with the exception of yesterday, we’ve had showers every evening since October began… exactly between 6.0 pm and 7.30 pm ūüôā . Now that’s¬†the predictability for you. The weathermen¬†here would never go wrong.. ūüôā . So here am I,¬†at my ‘favouritest’¬†place in this house – the balcony, ready with a mug full of hot chocolate, and a Rahat¬†Fateh Ali Khan song playing on my laptop. Its 5.45 pm already and the sky looks dark enough, cool breeze has started blowing…my plants are swaying now…and it feels really wonderful. ūüôā

I hope though that the rains don’t¬†last long. We shall be leaving soon, to watch ‘English Vinglish’ at Grand Indonesia¬†and knowing the Jakarta traffic, to reach before show time (8.30 pm), we probably might have to leave within next¬†hour. I know I am going to love this movie already. Not because Sri Devi starrs in it or anything…its a movie of an underdog.¬†And I am a sucker for underdog stories…¬†This must be the umpteenth time I’ll be watching a film after marriage. To think of it, the total movies I watched after my marriage (including TV/Laptop/Theatre) would exceed the number of films I have watched all these years before my marriage (TV/laptop/theatre), though that shouldnt surprise me in the least. This happens with most of the couples I guess.But as far as I knew myself, I wouldn’t¬†describe myself a movie¬†goer.¬†While there are many entertainment options here, Bollywood offers a cost-effective way of entertainment.¬†Moreover, in Jakarta, a surprising number of theatres¬†show Hindi movies. Many locals too are interested in Bollywood and wherever I tell people,¬†that¬†I am an Indian (because they mostly seem to take me for a Moroccan¬†for some strange reason. That is a topic for a very amusing post ūüėČ ) – they always talk about Bollywood and in particular Shah Rukh¬†Khan who had visited Indonesia it seems. Many of the cabbies¬†even have Bollywood¬†songs with them to play and a cabbie actually owned video of Kuch¬†Kuch¬†Hota¬†Hain¬†songs – which he promptly played in my honour when I told him I was from India. ;). I didn’t¬†have it in my heart to tell him that I in fact am not much of a Shah Rukh¬†Khan fan¬†¬†ūüôā (for that matter, I don’t¬†have any Bollywood idol. Nor that I have any Hollywood idol…thought it better to clarify)¬†¬† In fact people loved Kuch¬†Kuch¬†Hota¬†Hain¬†so much that many Indonesians I know have some or other favourite moment from the movie.An Indonesian friend told me¬† – hers was when Kajol¬†touches Amitabh¬†Bachchan’s¬†feet and he accepts her as his daughter – in – law….¬†I on the other hand, have not actually watched that movie…. though guess sooner or later, that too will change….at this rate….