Creativity Project

In a bid to blog daily AND make my house-wifeish life more interesting, I begin creativity project today. Daily, for rest of the February 2013, I intend to create/do something new  – it can be anything – even an origami boat. The idea is just to get those brain cells ticking… 🙂

Let the fun begin..

  1. February 1 – Create a comic
  2. February 2 – Write a poem in Marathi and in English with same theme and similar words
  3. February 3 – Write a skit / dialogue/Scene/One-act play
  4. February 4 – Make a customised header
  5. February 5 – Make a bookmark – My first ever DIY since probably class 6.
  6. February 6 – Write a short essay in Bahasa Indonesia (Okay, not an essay – just a few lines…)
  7. February 7 – Make a new friend
  8. February 8 – I began learning Bahasa Indonesia formally and also taught a pre-teen
  9. February 9 – Make a paper bag

3 thoughts on “Creativity Project

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